Raw, baked or toasted,
we like it all.

Artist management with an innovative eye on the mediabusiness.

WOLF44 Artist Management is inspired by the DNA of an artist. We built a wolf pack, aka the right team of experts, around a talented wolf, aka the artist. Together with our specialized team we define and design an entire artist strategy and long-term plan, based on the key of the artist management, the ARTIST ID. This brainstorming process results in the development of a completely new brand around the artist.

WOLF44 is the one stop shop assembling the puzzle professionally and effeciently. Our team creates a clear vision and safe environment artists need. As a result, they can fully focus and develop themselves creatively.

Support, consultancy & management in songwriting, production, audio/video/photo, social marketing, music releases, business deals, etc.

Artists at WOLF44 keep the full ownership of their own creation and rights, and are in charge of the decisions within the project, so the collaboration with WOLF44 is completely transparant and safe.

WOLF44 stand for artist management in which the contact with our artists starts from the heart. Our strategy is in line with the predetermined budget and the needs of the artist.


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